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Our mission is to ensure that our team helps solve structural challenges, while impacting the overall goals of the organization.

The Private Staffer envisions to become the leading and most respected human resource consulting agency in the communities that we service.  We want to be the premier, valued, and trusted resource to our clients, associates, business partners, and employees. 

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Core Values


Diversity-We believe in diverse teams because diversity is essential for success. We work with our clients every step of ensuring that the application, interview, and hiring process are inclusive, equitable, and beneficial for all.  We also develop and outline a plan of success for training and developmental needs while using proven industrial organizational psychology techniques. 


Quality-We are committed to excellence in everything that we do. We will deliver only quality services that show commitment to our deliverable. 

Integrity-We will always do the right thing because we want to ensure that quality customer service is provided.

Humanity-We holds ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our industry and establishes top standards in the community. 

Partnership-Because we believe in teamwork, and we understand that our clients, employees, and business partners are the catalyst of community success. 

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